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Archaeopteryx (pronounced arch-ee-op-ter-rix) is a light sculpture destined for Black Rock City in 2019, designed to bring people together.

Rising from the dust, our sculpture invites you to touch, explore, and inhabit.  In order to activate her fullest potential; people must work together. Through collaboration, participants can mobilize her 20ft wingspan and activate beautiful illuminating light graphics.

Named after the first bird known to evolve from the ancient dinosaur, the work is centered around the theme of evolution.  The Archaeopteryx marked an important leap in the story of evolution on earth, and the project is a physical and symbolic reminder that in order for humans to evolve, we must work together.


The work is brought to life through a unique marriage of both physical and digital means of collaboration:  

  • Participants can work together to mobilize kinetic ribs that activate the canopy above.

  • The Archaeopteryx provides an oasis of shaded bench seating in the middle of the hot desert sun.

  • The fabric wings become a canvas for participants to explore via live generative graphics inspired by nature.

  • Creation of this project has brought together an enormous team of experts and volunteers to build and bring her to life.




As participants are seated, pressure and proximity sensors detect and relay their presence into the projection canvas.  They become a protagonist within an ongoing narrative, manifest as a virtual "cell."   Your cell is able to grow, divide, and merge with other participants in real time over the duration of your interaction.


The microcosm oscillates between microcosmic and cosmic scales over time.  When participants leave the work, their cell fades to the background and becomes part of the history of the piece. 


The Archaeopteryx presents the collective memories of each person who has experienced it and will grow more full and vibrant as the number of participants increases over time.




Built primarily from timber, Archaeopteryx's footprint is approximately 30x25x25ft.  The structure is designed for digital manufacture using CNC technology and assembled in prefabricated modules.  The kinetics ribs are spring-hung and driven by wind or human power.  Her sailcloth fabric canopy is designed to withstand winds up to 70mph.


The work is open to multiple interpretations.  We like the idea that it might help one to see and situate themselves in an evolving and connected world, and support one in the discovery of their own ability to dream big. 


By drawing parallels between the primal nature of evolution and the current human condition, we believe it has a powerful message that empowers others to evolve towards a better future; one that is more inclusive, equitable, and harmonious.  From the individual to the collective scale, the theme encapsulates the characteristics of something much larger than itself.  



Wevolve Labs is an international team of artists, directors, architects, makers, programmers, engineers, videographers, material scientists and dreamers from the US and UK, who work together to create projects whose aim is to bring people together and contribute towards a positive future. 


We believe creativity is something we all share and has the power to inspire change.

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